Our school community received a small collection of minerals donated by the Museum of Mineralogy Aitiara (MuMA). The museum is located in Botucatu, inland of São Paulo. The museum’s curator Berenice Balsalobre handed out the collection to Renata, one of our teachers (see photo below).

About the museum

The MuMA has a very diverse collection. Established in the ‘Demétria’ neighbourhood among the school buildings of the Waldorf School Aitiara, its aim is to awaken the admiration for the world of mineralogy and the beauty of earth’s crust. The museum exists thanks to the rock sample collection donated by arts teacher Erich Otto Blaich in 2008. Profoundly interested in minerals and rock formations, Blaich came to Brazil in order to gain more knowledge in this area. Together with other teachers and their students, he visited various Brazilian mines. This passion for minerals impelled his collection for a period of over 50 years. The museum space also serves as a laboratory for practical courses for high school and university students. Moreover, an important role of the museum is to raise students’ awareness of the importance of environmental protection and preservation through the harmonic integration of humans and nature. The museum’s knowledge represents all areas of Earth science. It has not only rock samples but also fossils of trilobites, Mesosaurus brasiliensis, ambers, representative samples from Chapada do Araripe and a great quantity of water carapace samples.

Access the museum virtually on www.muma.org.br.

The Associação Pedagógica Dendê da Serra now is able to receive resources from the so-called ‘Nota Premiada’ campaign - that famous question we are asked when shopping: “CPF on the receipt?” In order to participate, you need to inscribe your CPF on the website of the campaign of the Secretaria da Fazenda (www.notapremiadabahia.ba.gov.br) and indicate the Associação Pedagógica Dendê da Serra as institution in the social area.

For each payment receipt emitted by a CPF which was registered with the indication of our social project, we receive one point, independent of the value. At the end of the month, the institutions with the highest number of points receive a part of the prize. The ones which couldn’t reach a high number of points, continue adding points until they manage to reach the necessary amount of points. The more people inscribe their CPF associated to our institution, the higher is our chance to receive a prize! So let’s mobilize in behalf of the school, it depends on you!

Besides helping the school, inscribing, you compete for ten monthly awards of R$ 100 thousand and special awards of R$ 1 million. We count on your participation! In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last Saturday, on 6 March, the area near the school’s parking was pruned with the help of school parents and collaborators. The aim was to improve the vision for drivers passing through the school’s parking zone, headed toward Itacaré. Now they can pass with more security for all. The work group ‘Parking zone’ meets periodically in order to plan and organize mobility, focusing on the periods of the day when students enter and leave the school. In case you’d like to participate, please contact us: amigosdendedaserra@gmail.com.