The first step is to go to the school’s registrar’s office and ask for information about vacancies for students at Dendê da Serra. Families who are not familiar with the school´s social educational project are obliged to participate in the Lecture for New Families. The parents of scholarship students make an appointment directly with a tutor. For paying parents, there is an Interview about the Financial Situation of the family first.
After the enrollment is accepted, the whole family of the student becomes part of Dendê da Serra’s School Community. This is why it is so important to understand and approve the school’s rules and principles.
Because of the significant part of scholarship students, who are the majority, the school always needs support in order to maintain its structure and invest in the development of processes and projects. One of the premises is the participation of parents and other collaborators in different school activities. So, we encourage families to contribute to the well-being of the School Community and its existence. For example, they can help in the development of daily activities, participate in working groups, fundraise money or promote financial aid themselves. All families are welcome to share their knowledge and experience!

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